Children’s Photo shoot in Monmouthshire, Cardiff and Bristol area with Jo Haycock

The best portrait of you is made while you act out the character in their favourite story book

My style of children’s photography is quite different to other photographers. I will go the other way from the posed portrait and become a family member, friend and playmate to you.

This ensures we have a genuine connection to allow real scenarios and natural responses.

Giving me the privilege of visually telling your family’s story, honestly and beautifully, as it happens.

Together we can create photographs that show real connections and emotions

Before your photo shoot we will arrange a time to talk on the phone, or meet for a coffee. This is where you can tell me all about your children, what they love to do and share with me some of your family life.

What is the one thing they do that never fails to get you belly laughing, or makes you full with love? Even when it’s a little bit naughty!

Family photojournalism is my honest account of your family’s own story

Between us, we have the opportunity to freeze a little time in your world and create storytelling images that will make you smile each time you see them.

This is about showing the real personalities of your children, of you and the corner of your world you live in.