Storytelling photography


I’m Jo,

a photographer and gatherer of stories, explorer of relationships between people and the emotional connections they have with others and the places they live.

Once a picture publicist at the BBC, I got to work alongside some of the most amazingly talented people. I left inspired to make more of my own photographs, to spend time telling the stories of some of the amazing humans and situations I meet along the way.

Based in Monmouthshire, South Wales and close to Cardiff & Bristol, I’m mum to Jeanie and partner to her dad, Jez.

Our family life consists of a camper van, a half-built house extension, plenty of road trips and outdoor adventures. If we throw a dinner party, it’s more likely to be around a campfire in the garden than sat inside at the dinner table.

I have a photo-journalistic approach to telling the stories of the families, communities and artisan businesses I’m proud to work with. I go on a journey with you, to explore and honestly photograph a little corner of your beautiful world at that time.



Natural Children’s photography in Monmouthshire, Cardiff and Bristol area with Jo Haycock