It’s always a privilege to be invited into a family’s life for a day and have that opportunity to tell their story as it happens. In an honest and unique way, using their home as a heart, with it a backdrop which weaves into their lives. This was no exception for Mandie, Rhys and their girls. I don’t think they’d mind me sharing that the last few years have been quite a challenge. In terms of a buying a rundown house with plans to renovate, with plans changing to building a new one from scratch instead – these journeys are never plain sailing, but as Mandie tells me “yes it was a test at times, but it also deepened and strengthened our relationship and the girls were amazing throughout.”

Spending time with their girls, you’d think they’ve always lived there, which is exactly how a family home should feel. I sampled home made cakes hot out of the oven and watched a gymnastics show in the garden. Got introduced to the entire toy community (one of which was a very special senior bear belonging to their daddy) and, much to their parents amusement, we had the grand idea of filling every stair with every fluffy toy they own… so we did.