This is the space where I get to show a few personal artist projects. These are often longer-term social documentary projects and are what I call my ‘soul food’ as they feed my creativity. Sometimes funded, sometimes not, either way they are projects and stories that I’m drawn to and want to explore and learn more about.

Through My Childhood Window is a visual journal to explore my feelings and memories of each room in my parents’ house, as I continue to deliver their groceries while they self-isolate during the Covid-19 pandemic. I photographed them in a room at a time, recollecting stories and sharing what these rooms mean to me. It was my childhood home and it’s a home we’ve all continued to return and regroup to over the years, for any and every family occasion. Read more about the project HERE

They can be collaboratively with other artists and cooperatives. It’s where we come together to visually and diversely express.  It’s a chance to explore my creative practice.

When I first approached Newport Women’s Aid some years back with a project idea, I felt strongly about telling a real story through photographs. One that showed a different side to the usual images depicting despair and bruises, normally used to illustrate domestic abuse. I wanted to tell a story about empowerment and choice, about how a group of women there had fearfully but courageously walked out of their ‘safe’ and secret domestic war zone to break that secret. To honour themselves with a new beginning. Read more HERE

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