Community Stories

There’s a saying that goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and this is the perfect metaphor to link with some of the communities I’ve photographed over the years.  Although no two communities are the same, there is a common heartbeat, a strong connection that runs across them all. It’s the gathering of people with the purpose of supporting, offering refuge, educating and celebrating with those who want and need them. It is this that continues to draw me in to community storytelling.

Each community I work with is unique. From the year-long project of documenting veterinary practices, recording their day-to-day relationships with owners and their pets. To the celebrations of multiple communities coming for International Women’s Day annually at a local arts centre through interactive workshops, theatre performances and educational Q&A sessions.

If you are part of a community that you’d like me to explore and photograph whether it’s through an event or longer-term project, please email me for a chat. It would be great to hear your ideas.

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I spend time with a community group or event by photographing the people, relationships and stories taking place as they happen. This type of coverage can often lead to social documentary storytelling and these will often benefit from a longer duration, perhaps multiple visits to really gain insight and give opportunity to gather an archive of images and narrative giving essence to what your community is about.

      • So please do get in touch to talk about your ideas, needs and budget
      • And let’s write about and show the goodness that your community gives to your clients and society
      • Your story might be leading to a key event or focussing on a particular message?
      • We will work together to bring about an honest, authentic and heart-led journey of what you do

Natural Children’s photography in Monmouthshire, Cardiff and Bristol area with Jo Haycock
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