Community Connections

There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise a child and I believe that this is the perfect metaphor to link with the communities I’ve been honoured to photograph over the years. Although no two communities are the same there is a common heartbeat, a strong connection that runs across them all. It’s the gathering of people with the purpose of supporting, offering refuge and educating those who want and need them. It is this that continues to draw me in to community storytelling.

It feels right to be seeing out this year’s Natural Connections features in JUNO Magazine with a little more insight and a huge amount of gratitude to some of the amazing groups I’ve been incredibly lucky to observe, connect with and photograph. Gaining deeper understanding of the support they offer and the celebration they give for the many walks of life.

In a time when news stories are mainly negative, often highlighting the vital global issues, disasters arising from climate change and the daily struggles of human plight. These communities really are the unsung heroes. Keeping the hope, opting for action and showing humanity in its best light.

Father-of-four Tariq Khan co-started the group, Help The Homeless Newport & Cardiff around two years ago. Having once been homeless himself, he works with endless energy, thinking up innovative events and ideas, with a group of dedicated volunteers, to continually raise awareness and offer support to Newport’s homeless and vulnerable communities.

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