I remember you owning many bejewelled clip-on earrings as a tiny one.

You collected them each time we visited the charity shops and car boot sales. Flamingos with pink diamonds, lady bugs with red rubies and countless heirlooms once belonging to others, which became your treasures. You loved them, wore them and lost them.

Fast-forward several years and we planned a date to finally get your ears pierced. This was three school summer holidays ago, but it wasn’t until last month that it finally happened, in the coolest tattoo parlour in town.

Not a ceremonial occasion for many, yet it’s these simple yet momentous events in life that I hope you feel and relive when looking at this photograph some decades down the line.

Though I did laugh to myself at your eye-roll as the camera came out.



This is Artifact Motherhood; a collaboration of artists from around the world who have come together to share our stories of the joys and struggles of our journey. Through our writings and visual records, we want to create memories that are more than photographs with dates written on the back. These are the artefacts we are leaving behind for our children and for generations to come.

This entry is the fourth in a series called “Seasons of Motherhood” and is meant to be one picture and one caption that represents our current journey/season of motherhood.

Please visit the next artist in our blog circle, the talented Caro Cuinet Wellings and continue through all the artists until you get back to me.

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