Kirsten and Laurence

Last weekend I walked away after a photo shoot realising I had experienced something very real and special. It's quite rare to get the opportunity to photograph a couple simply to celebrate who they are. We all lead such busy everyday lives and in the main, our relationships all too often are given a back seat.

As far as couples go, Kirsten and Laurence are naturally and visually connected. But something more happened that day, not only did they stand still long enough to take a bit of time to look at where they'd come from and where they are right now...they actually trusted me enough to ask them some pretty personal questions. None of us knew what the responses might be, though I truly feel these images gave us a few of their answers. I sat in my car afterwards and let out a long breath...felt humbled, grounded and completely certain about what a great and honest relationship between two people should look like.

We're going on a bear hunt

The all time classic children's book, We're Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen was chanting through my mind as we tramped across fields and followed tracks lined with tall and thickly woven majestic trees. Brandishing a strong long plastic sword and armed with many snacks fit for a bear hunt, a young knight named Griff led us deep in to the forest in search of his bear friend. His faithful fair maiden sister, Anwen took control when times got hairy. Swinging off fallen branches and large boulders in her bare feet to help her little brother reach victory and glory. When the going got tough, tickling each other seemed to keep up spirits on this gritty journey.