Family Photojournalism

exploring a part of a family's story

through the beauty of their everyday

at home or on an adventure...

When you flop into bed at the end of the day, do you ever think about what this time would look like in the pages of a photo album? I mean honestly, like stills taken from the movie of a day in your life?

I photograph families in the most authentic way, as there’s only one family like you. I’m happy to say that I’ve been greeted at the front door by Spiderman and have been fed mud pies while I’m wearing a (little-too-small) pink tutu in a tree house garden cafe.   There’s a long, long proud list!

Sometimes emotions are running high, homes are beautifully messy, but importantly it’s always real.

This is family life, unstaged and totally honestly you. 

Being part of my own family that loves exploring in our campervan whenever we can, I also love to join in and photograph other families on their own day trips and holidays. So whether you’re a gang of fell walkers or a rock-clambering beach crew, take me with you for the ride. So that I can capture that certain soul-filled purpose that comes with adventuring, whether it’s near or far.

real connections and emotions

Your family home, where you go and how you live is where I’ll spend the time. It might be the filled bath tubs becoming perilous oceans of pirates. Or where tantrums and tears making way for stories and role-playing. There might be a dance lesson or forest walk after breakfast. A visit to grandparents for a game of Guess Who. Though I’m sure you get the idea here, but if you don’t I have plenty of suggestions to remind you of your own stories within your family story.

It’s where I want to be and what I what to see. Recording how you all are together, laugh, love and debate together in the space you call home, in the way you live your day.

For your family album for generations to follow.

Before the day, I’ll want to know how many pet dinosaurs they own or the worst joke their uncle has told them. If they are older, whether they’d mind me finding a corner of their bedroom ( I promise I won’t start tidying up) as I’m sensitive to and curious of the older kids as well – especially having one of my own.

I want to hear the pride in your voice as you talk about last year’s camping trip no one wanted to go on, but that it ended up being the best family holiday ever.

We can get to know each other as much as you need to before the day, ensuring that we have a genuine connection, which allows me to blend into your family, to record the real scenarios as well as letting the natural responses flow.

Giving me the opportunity of visually telling your family’s story authentically, in your own time, as it happens.

the guide

"She can borrow my Spiderman costume if she likes" Tomos, 3 years old

What shall I wear?

Literally anything you all feel good in. It could be the gold ballgown hanging in the wardrobe or yesterday’s crumpled tee off the bedroom floor.  I’m looking for the connections, moments and relationships that are unique to you, not whether your top contrasts with your jeans. Before you ask, please don’t clean the house either. This is documentary family photography, nothing is staged, it’s real life and all about you. Breakfast dishes on the side and half-painted masterpieces drying on the window sill are part of your story.  PS: you should see our house!

My family are self conscious in front of a camera

Then this kind of family photo shoot is perfect for you all. I’m a firm believer that us-humans emanate our true characters when engaged in doing something we love (or not) with those we love. I’m looking for those slices of real life, real play and maybe even a tantrum or two if the mood takes us. The idea is for you to feel this day in all its honesty when you look back on it in years to come.

Where can we go?

Home is the best place to start, maybe just stay there, as it’s where you are all your most natural selves and surrounded by the objects you connect with. That said, we can go for a walk to change the scene, or take me along to a regular activity such as food shopping or football training. I’ll give you a hand here with ideas… I’ve hiked up (their special) mountain with one family, gone surfing with another and regularly photograph my own family travels in our old camper van.

How much does this cost?

I strongly believe that authentic family storytelling should be accessible to everyone for the duration that feels right for them. We will chat beforehand to explore what you’re looking for, whether this is an album, a story frame and / or fine-art prints from your photo-day. In the meantime, I have shown a selection of products below, to help give an idea. I ask for a 50% deposit before the day, so that I can work with my frame-makers and pro-labs to create beautiful heirlooms for you and your generations to come.

Natural Children’s photography in Monmouthshire, Cardiff and Bristol area with Jo Haycock

your choice


The Moment

up to 2 hours  + digital collection

        • 10 high-res images
        • with 5 chosen professional lab prints


The Story

up to 4 hours + full digital collection

        • all high-res images
        • 10  chosen professional lab prints


Art Of The Story

all day + full digital collection + artwork

      • all high-res images
      • 10 chosen mounted fine-art prints + easel



fine art albums from £445

multi-aperture frames from £295  |  for a 24 x 30 inch frame with 4 or 9 apertures

mounted fine art prints from £30  |  for a 8 x 6 mounted print ready for frame or easel

photographic prints from £10  |  6 x 4 or 7 x 5

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