To mum, I love you because...

As a mum to a daughter, and a daughter to a mum there is nothing more deep rooted in me than this kind of relationship. I put a call-out for two people to come and spend a morning with me to practise some new connective techniques I've been learning about. So I was absolutely over the moon to hear from 10-year-old Maisie and her mum, Bev.

jo haycock photographyjo haycock photographyWe went to one of my favourite places only down the road from where I live, Magor Marsh, which is one of the natural homes managed by The Gwent Wildlife Trust. A truly magical place with overhead height hay meadows, waterways and an abundance of wildlife. It's a place where I breathe deeply, reflect and feel totally alive in the great outdoors. I'm so happy to know that it's also become one of Bev and Maisie's special places too.

It was there I learned about a few of Maisie's hidden talents - did you know that she is the perfect impersonator able to mimic any member of her family with hilarious perfection? And that the best feeling in the world for her is when her mum wraps her up in a blanket when she's feeling unwell, or when she's feeling sad...they talk about everything together.

jo haycock photographyEarlier that week, I'd asked Maisie and Bev to each write a love letter to the other to read out on the day. I wasn't prepared for the emotional words that flowed from these pages as they spoke to one another. The complete honesty and sharing of a very real deep bond reduced us all to tears. I cannot thank you enough for letting me be part of this moment with you both.

jo haycock photography jo haycock photography jo haycock photography jo haycock photography

jo haycock photography jo haycock photographyjo haycock photography