Photographing a 1940's wedding - Maizie and Darren style

Here is a photo story about Maizie and Darren...about on this August day, after being together more than 10 years and having four completely stunning children (two boys, two girls) together, they chose to get married in true 1940's style. It was not only a day to celebrate their relationship and all that they've experienced together, it was a day where they embraced everyone they know and love in their lives.

Now the 1940's is Maizie's favourite era and actually it's mine too, though she is without doubt the queen of all things exquisitely vintage. The detail was incredible, her bouquet was hand knitted by her mum, along with all the button hole flowers which were sent out to each and every guest before the day. The boys adorned waistcoats and long shorts and Darren was suited and booted for the era, complete with the odd cry from friends of "you look like an old-fashioned chimney sweep mate!" proudly wearing his flat cap. And as for THAT liquid gold-coloured wedding dress...

But I'm not going to talk anymore about the glorious detail of this day, because what was particularly unique about photographing this wedding was how naturally and effortlessly Maizie and Darren's families and friends blended together. How they couldn't fit them all in to the beautifully panelled modest-sized room for the ceremony. How M and D insisted that the windows were flung wide open so that everyone they wanted there could take part in their wedding vows. How they'd chosen the registrar - he'd recorded the births of their children those years before. And how the roaring sound of applause and whoops of delight could be heard right down the street.

The entire wedding party, including their very own personal musicians, took a walk through the town, through the park and down to the pier. Not onto the pier but under the pier, where an impromptu beach party was held. Children playing on the sand, the bride and groom chatting and singing with friends, friends playing guitars, champagne flowing - who was that clever guest who packed the bubbles on ice! - all this took place before going on to their main wedding party and provided great photo-opportunities for me.

This day was a true testimony to what a vibrant and connected couple Maizie and Darren are, and how much their families and friends mean to them in this world. It wasn't only authentic to 1940's detail, it reminded me of the simple fact that we seamlessly attract and connect with those people who we are ourselves.