Magenta Change... "make each day your masterpiece"

Sue Revell got in touch with me as "a self-confessed hater of having my photo taken" but on the brink of launching her new website and brand, she accepted the inevitable that this couldn't be avoided any longer. So this was the start of our honest and creative relationship together.

I have certainly found one of the most fanatical tennis addicts - that's watching or playing it - and she's also rather partial to her jazz, in fact she's taken up singing lessons specifically around it. This lady is quite the inspiration, I've loved every minute of getting to know some of what makes her passionate in this life. Her colourful and authentic energy was an absolute delight to work with. is about daring to be you, being unstoppable, and Sue loves guiding people to stop holding themselves back and to create something extraordinary. One of her favourite quotes is

“make each day your masterpiece”

"We start off by simply talking about what the client really wants to achieve through working together and, in that moment, something changes. As soon as we start to articulate our thoughts and breath our dreams into life, the journey of personal transformation begins. As coaches, we often talk about creating and holding space for our clients and that’s a huge part of what we do.

But great coaching is more than that. The soul focus of a great coach is to walk your journey with you, to will you on, and to witness your transformation. By igniting your unique potential, your life becomes a powerful expression of your unique talents! Helping people to create something extraordinary is a huge privilege as a coach. I love helping people to increase their confidence, create more impact and to become UNSTOPPABLE!"