I have a great relationship with the school my daughter attends. Regular updates on her progress, interactions with teachers and plenty of social occasions that enhance my picture of life through her eyes with the teachers she learns from and children she learns with. Of course many of us understand how our children connect and behave within their learning environment. BUT what really happens in the classroom? What does it look and feel like to see them engage and show pure excitement when they grasp that mathematic equation, or how they work out some of life’s debates through playground games with friends at break times?

It has been a privilege to witness this first hand, not just for my own daughter but for many other parents’ sons and daughters lately. The traditional school photograph will always hold an important record of our children’s time there. So I’m now offering an alternative approach through fly-on-the-wall documentary to show these profound moments as they happen in the classroom.

If this is something your school might be interested in hosting please do get in touch. I also donate a percentage of fees to the school’s PTA fund.

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